Christ Chapel Orange County is a Christ-centered, non-denominational church that does not endorse, condone, or promote any type of “change” ministry which is directed at condemning homosexuality and converting the individual to a heterosexual lifestyle. The church adheres to the belief that a gay or lesbian sexual orientation is not a sin, and therefore no “change” is needed!
Rev. Lobb often states, “It is important that the GLBT community does not settle for tolerance, but finds a church that is truly affirming of their sexual orientation. Tolerance means you can go into their church: but can’t hold hands, they won’t marry you, and you will not have the same rights as those who are straight, and may be encouraged to change your sexual orientation or at least be celibate. Affirmation means that you are not only accepted, but that you can: hold hands, get married; and enjoy all the same sacraments and privileges as those who are straight.
Rev. Lobb adamantly believes that the church needs to be a place where people can come together and “be real and have fun.” “Our community needs a safe environment in which they can explore and openly discuss the various aspects of coming out and developing healthy relationships: relationships with friends, lovers, family, and God. Although the church consists of predominantly gays and lesbians, all are welcomed and involved: gay and straight! The church does not preach a “gay agenda,” but is focused on life application teaching based on Biblical principles.”
Christ Chapel of Laguna began its ministry in August of 1992. The founding and current pastor, Rev. Lillian Lobb, has been involved in various ministries providing outreach to the gay and lesbian community over 28 years. She received her BA in Religious Studies from CSULB, and her Masters from The School of Theology at Claremont. Rev. Lobb has been involved in helping those with HIV/AIDS for over 20 years and has worked part-time as Chaplain for AIDS Services Foundation – Orange County for 8 years.
Christ Chapel of Laguna makes a tremendous contribution to the community it serves. In addition to Sunday worship services, the church also offers Bible Studies, Men’s Group, Women’s Group, social activities, music ministry, seminars, community outreach and training, and pastoral counseling. The church promotes opportunities for education, growth, and reconciliation within the Christian community regarding issues concerning gays and lesbians. The church also provides support and help to those infected and affected by HIV, local seniors, and struggling families in the community.

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Worship Service 10:30 AM

Bible Study @ 7:00 PM

Weekly Baked Goods Distribution Noon-2:00 PM

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